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Teach Us To Pray
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IT IS MAN'S concept of God that makes prayer intellectual or spiritual. There is a vast difference between mere intellectual silence and that constructive silence which always gives the victory within the soul. The intellectual silence, which is limited in its power, is the silence where one's whole attention is fixed on the intellect.

Herbert Spencer once said that he would gladly turn his life over to anyone who would live it for him and relieve him of its burdens. This no doubt :an be said of hundreds of other weary ones. It reveals however the fact that man lacks the true vision of life and is not living it as God intended. Man should lift his eyes "unto the hills, from whence :ometh" his help. He should dwell much on the truths taught by Jesus and make them a part of his very nature.

Jesus ushered into the race consciousness a thought atmosphere that we contact in the silence by just affirming in spirit and in truth the name "Jesus Christ." There is true magic in this name.

When He said, "Come unto me, all ye that labor Lnd are heavy laden, and I will give you rest," He vas mentally freeing man from his many trials and

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