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Helen Van-Anderson's Mystic Scroll - in process!

Abel Allen's Message of New Thought

C.L. Baum's - Studies in Divine Science

Genevieve Behrend -
Attaining Your Desires
How to Live

Henry Drummond
Changed Life
City Without A Church
Greatest Thing in the World
Life For All
Pax Vobiscum
Programme of Christianity
Stones Rolled Away

Horatio Dresser
Spiritual Health and Healing
The Quimby Manuscripts
A History of the New Thought Movement
The Power of Silence

Human Efficiency
Greatest Truth
Health and Inner Life
Living By Spirit
Man And Divine
On The Threshold
Open Vision
Physician To the Soul
Spirit Of Health And Healing
Victorious Faith

Myrtle Fillmore
Healing Letters, How to Let God Help You

Cora Fillmore
Teach Us To Pray

Zelia Walters
Whatsoever Ye Shall Ask
Doctor Houston Speaking

Charles Haanel
Master Key System
Mental Chemistry

Ernest Holmes
1938 edition of Science of Mind
New Thought Terms and Their Meanings - 1942
The Bible in the LIght of Religious Science
Questions and Answers on the Science of Mind
--being developed in both page view and topic view

Lillian De Waters
A Life illumined
All Things Are Yours
Baby Life
Finished Kingdom
Hidden Truth
Journeying Onward
Lifting The Veil
Pefect Vision
Regeneration of Martin
Living Way
Thinking Heavenward
Within the Veil

Page Scans are being added to the Fillmore Collection!

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For as long as we have been on this wonderful earth, Humans have had thoughts and feelings. New thought will teach you how to embrace your powerful self and move into a new healing and strength.


Personal Empowerment

New Thought has been around for quite some time. The standard history goes back to Phineas Quimby, but the Spiral Dynamics New Thought History traces the ideas of New Thought back to Anne Hutchinson who in 1638 taught that: we are not converted to Christ but awaken to the truth of our present Unity with God; all people are reflections of the Divine and "being a woman is a gift not a curse".

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"The truth, once announced,
has the power not only to renew but to extend itself.
New Thought is universal in its ideals
and therefore should be universal in its appeal
Under the guidance of the spirit,
it should grow in good works
until it embraces many lands
and eventually the whole world."

--Mr. James A. Edgerton on New Thought Day, August 23, 1915

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Spiritual Exploration

Today, with free countries experiencing actual intellectual and religious freedom. People are free to explore more than ever before. Although religious fundamentalists in the 2nd and 3rd world's seek to restrict this basic divine / human right. You can explore. Use your mind and you will find deep positive means to express yourself spiritually in caring communities.